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    Seattle media Twitter lists

    @NewsdexSEA/metropugetnews Providers that tweet news of possible interest to the entire metro Puget Sound area.

    @NewsdexSEA/seattlenews News about and of interest within the city of Seattle.

    @NewsdexSEA/hyperlocal Hyperlocal news outlets in metro Puget Sound.

    @NewsdexSEA/transpo Metro Puget Sound transportation agencies and other related accounts.

    @NewsdexSEA/officialdom Puget Sound-area government officials and agencies.

    @NewsdexSEA/emergency Emergency services and other accounts that tweet crucial public-safety information.

    @NewsdexSEA/orgs Non-governmental organizations and institutions.

    @NewsdexSEA/artsculturelife News outlets and journalists covering arts and entertainment, culture and lifestyle.

    @NewsdexSEA/sports Teams and media that cover them.

    @NewsdexSEA/newspeople Prominent journalists and others in media with their own brands.

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